New Rivers; New obsessions

This past weekend my parents and I ventured up into Northern Idaho, specifically St.Maries and Calder. My father and I are avid fly fishers and were curious as to what the northern parts of the state had to offer in terms of fish other than steelhead. We ventured to the St.Joe river, right before it enters St.Maries, and found one of the most beautiful stretches of freshwater that I have ever seen. As any first trial with a new river, it took us several different flies to figure out what exactly it was that the cutthroat trout were biting. Despite the seemingly endless test runs, my father was successful on three separate accounts and I came close at least once.

It is refreshing to see that there are some reservoirs still surviving the lack of snowfall this past winter; it gives some hope to our native fish populations.

Only four more weeks till I will be spending my days on one of the world’s most renowned stretches of fly-fishable fresh water; The Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

Until then, the St. Joe will have to hold me over; and that it will.


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